All our Products are compatible with FS2020, X-Plane11, DCS, etc...

We are enthusiastic helicopter pilots, mechanics, and other field professionals that have searched the web for several years without finding a good price/features helicopter controls offer.

Hearing that other friends had similar frustrating search experiences, we moved into building/designing the controls ourselves based on flight feeling experience, professional procedural needs, and simulator enthusiasts' needs, and a lot of efforts to perfect our products.

Our motivation is very well summarized in what William Townsend (Wycliffe worker) once said:

My greatest fear is not that I fail, but that I succeed in something that does not really matter.

Meanwhile, our team has grown and receives inputs from many commercial helicopter pilots which deeply influences the design of our controls.

Our staff and tester team are rated and experienced in many of the helicopters available on the market in the light and medium category.

Our Head Designer is Chris, a commercial helicopter pilot who flew on R22,R44,R66, AS350, MD500, BH06, CH300, B505,etc...