All our Products are compatible with FS2020, X-Plane11, DCS, etc...
From Our Founder:

As a helicopter pilot, I used to fly on PC Simulators using standard joysticks and accessories, which never provided accuracy and realistic flight feelings. So I started to look for Helicopter-specific accessories. What I found was either low cost but not precise or was much over my budget, starting from 2000 USD for Pitch, Collective and Pedals.

So I decided to create it myself with the following requirements:

  • Accuracy - adjustable collective, long arms
  • Accuracy - high quality pedals, high response
  • Design - transportable, small volume for easy stocking
  • Design - easy concept, long life pieces, neutral colors
  • Design - everything should be adjustable
  • Technic - plug and play, USB, programmable buttons
  • Technic - 8-way hat switch for head view settings
  • Technic - fully mechanical production for precision
  • Technic - as similar as possible to real helicopter controls

The conditions were set.

The Birth of Pro Flight Trainer

The immediate consequence was sleepless nights ;-)

The first controls went through material-testing, production of prototypes, a testing phase through simulator pilots, corrections, production of new prototypes, a testing phase through real-life pilots … until the day we could look at it and say: "Wow, this product is great!"

It looked so great that we soon received some friend requests for "additional production". So we decided to produce it in a small series.

Pro Flight Trainer is Growing

After starting to fly commercially and understanding more and more the real needs for starting pilots as well as procedural training, IFR training requirements, flight schools needs, we continued to grow and develop the controls with the goal to have the best ratio of cost/quality/fidelity in the world.

During the many years Pro Flight Trainer has existed, we had the privilege to be part of many exciting projects, and have been able to establish our product as best reference for its market.

Our Vision

Our heart at Pro Flight Trainer is to provide the tools and solutions to perfectly cover your needs. Once you become a proud and happy user of our products, you'll be much more than a customer to us; you'll be a PRO FLIGHT TRAINER OWNER - a family member - and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs and wishes.