All our Products are compatible with FS2020, X-Plane11, DCS, etc...
Guides for the PUMA X 5th generation flight controls

- Frame assembling guide for pre-assembled sets PAS V2022

for unit shipped from January 2022 on. (if your unit comes from a distributor, you might need the 2021 guide.


- Frame assembling guide for pre-assembled sets PAS V2021

for unit shipped till December 2021.


- Frame assembling guide for Ready-To-Fly sets RTF



- Wiring up the controls

- Mounting the toe brakes

- calibrating under windows (not that gen 5 PUMA X device names is listed as PFT-PUMA)


Joe's recommended assignments for the DCS Apache module


 Axis names under Windows


Button layout overview for PUMA X flight controls:


Latest Flight Manuals for PUMA Series
Latest Flight Manuals for Black Lynx and Black Fox Series


Accuracy Flight Test - Pilot Guideline Revision 2


X-Plane 11 PUMA X joystick pre-configured file v7.0 for PUMA X Gen 5 only!

This version works for full flight controls, with or without TBM and also for partial flight controls (for example collective only)

X-Plane 11 PUMA X joystick pre-configuration file for MAC Users

X-Plane 11 PUMA joystick pre-configured file v4.9 for PUMA Gen 4 only!

The v4.9 files are the most recent and are compatible with all versions (tested till 11.30).

Extract all files to your resource / joystick folder.


X-Plane 11 Puma TBM joystick pre-configured file v4.7  for PUMA Gen 4 only!

Only use the files v4.7 if you have installed the toe brake modification!


This video shows how to copy the files into your X-Plane folder: