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Setup and Configuration

calibrating the controls

why does x-plane show my axis in RED, even after successfully calibrating all axis

calibrating the controls for x-plane

calibrating the controls for DCS

calibrating the controls for FS2004, FS2010, FSX, FSX-SE, Flight

calibrating the controls for Arma, VBS, Take on Helicopters

Calibrating under Windows (win7 8 8.1 10)

Setup recommendations

what chair / seat do you recommended to use

what are the minimum requirements to run the controls

What computer do you recommended for my simulator

4th Generation of controls - PUMA

User Guides

what are the possible adjustments on the 4th generation control frame (PUMA)?

Assembling the PUMA PAS Controls

What are the sizes in metric and inches for the PUMA?



How can I pay for my controls

what costs are included/excluded from the sale price

refund conditions


how fast do you usually ship orders out?

how long will it take for my controls to arrive?

my country is not in the list fo destination...

i'm scarred my unit will get damaged during shipment...


upgrading to a new generation of controls

I just bought some controls before you launched a new version... can I get a discount on upgrades?

upgrading a lynx or fox to a puma

upgrading from 1st or 2nd generation